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Welcome Small Federal Contractors (and FUTURE contractors)!

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in the United States, employing more people than the combined sum of the Fortune 500, federal, state and local government. Likewise, the federal government is the largest and broadest customer in the United States, buying billions of goods and services from Advertising to Zoological services. The purpose of this site is to promote, guide and assist fellow small businesses to successfully sell their respective goods and services to the federal government.

This site will serve as a resource link to an array of information that will assist you in learning how to:

  • Select which agency to do business with
  • Determine if you need an additional small business status and/or certification
  • How to market, along with various infrastructure management issues, to ensure your organization is prepared to sustain a long term operation in the federal government market

The best value of this site is that I will bring the insight of my fellow colleagues who have a wealth of hands-on knowledge and experience selling and managing millions of dollars in federal contracts over the past decades.  Finally, this site is for YOU, the small business contractor and those seeking to gain insight. We will leverage the networking technology to promote and rely on your feedback to ensure that it remains relevant and valuable.

Your opinions are important to us; please feel free to leave comments on any of the tip pages, or in our comment section. We hope this site will help you to gain the knowledge and insight you need to launch your small business into its next venture.

Creating a Business Legacy

Often we think of business icons and legacy we think of barons of industry such as legends like Alfred P. Sloan of General Motors or Andrew Carnegie of the steel industry or the Rockefellers of what is now Exxon Mobil among other giants. Today we would think of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Yet there are countless millions who leave a legacy of entrepreneurship by either leaving a sustainable business to others and/or teaching others to leverage their experience to be successful.

Our company is now a post 8a graduate (we graduated in 2011) and have contracts that run until 2014 and have experienced success winning additional contracts in the post 8a era of the company. Yet our greatest success is seeing former employees or companies we mentored grow and grow in the federal contracting space. This makes us all very proud to be part of the legacy that will have a positive impact on our Nation’s economy and the communities they serve and the latter is very important. We help those who believe in giving back to their employees and the communities where they serve.

During a recent Christmas party where we had close to 140 attendees I noted how many restaurant staff were employed that evening, how many new outfits were purchased, many who spent the evening in the hotel and even the young entrepreneurs called babysitters–all who benefited from one evening of saying thanks and fellowship. If you hear someone say the Government does not stimulate the economy I do not think all of those participants who supported our event would agree.

Doing business with the federal government, creating legacies and giving back to the community all leads to a healthy Nation, community and future opportunities for employees and best of all great service to our Country!

If you seek to do business with the federal government to be a profit mogul–good luck, those who last seek to do great service, care for the customers and those valuable employees and the communities they operate!