The Role of a Subcontractor

William Hall

 President H & T Enterprises, Inc.



 My role as a “subcontractor” in the federal government is to provide material services and supplies as requested in the “RFP” Request for Proposal.  Next are the following steps:

Ø Statement of work –Identifies what the contractor is responsible for i.e., provide a skilled staff, administrative, utility system repair operator or maintenance trade helper. may be required to provide additional temporary staff for labor – intensive jobs;  to complete the mission.

Reporting Requirements

Ø Management Plan identifies your management structure President, Vice President, Program Manager, General Foreman or Key Personnel.

Ø Status Report gives an overview/status on the performance of work that is being performed on the contract on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Ø Environmental, Health and Safety Plan this plan implements the contractor safety responsibilities. This plan has to be approved before the contract is awarded.

Ø Notification of Obtaining Required Insurance–to ensure the contractor has insurance to meet all requirements.  This is due one week after award.

Ø Federal Contractors Veterans Employment Report VETS-100 and other employment data as requested – if you are a veteran owned company meaning “you” own at least ” 51%” of the company this is one of your requirements.  This report is due annually.

Ø Employment Report (Headcount) – this reports identifies how many employees are seasonal, temporary, part or full – time.  This report is due semi-annually (January and July).

Ø EEO– this program is designed to ensure each employee is treated equally regardless of their race, gender, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Ø Payroll & Residence Report – this report reflects the total annual payroll for all individuals who worked for your company during the year beginning Jan. 2009 through Dec. 2009. These figures are normally attained from whoever processes your payroll.

Ø Semi-Annual Performance Report – on this report the “COR” Contracting Officer’s Representative rate the performance of the contractor.

Ø Individual Accident/Illness Report this report reflects any Workman’s Comp issues or any recordable or missed time incidents. This info should be processed as quickly as possible for clarity. There should be a employee statement attached detailing pertinent information regarding the accident/illness on work property. When the quarterly safety report is turned in this report should be attached in the quarter in which it happened. Never use Social Security Numbers on the report, instead use the individuals badge number.

Ø Tabulation of Work-Hours, Vehicles Usage Property Valuation – this report also is turned in with the quarterly safety report. Add the total number of worked hours omitting vacation, sick and personal hours, which are paid hours but not worked hours. This figure doesn’t have to be exact but should be a close approximate. If your employees use company vehicles, complete the information on the form to reflect the number of vehicles and the number of miles traveled. Sign, date and turn in with your quarterly to FEOSH- representative before the 10th of each month.


Ø Having the opportunity to grow your business

Ø Long term contract

Ø Being in a position to help your community, family and others

Ø Being in a position to set aside funds for future growth

Ø Having the opportunity to continue to build relationships throughout the government arena

Ø Experience with the government

Ø Flexibility of owning your own business


Ø Trying to balance marketing strategy

Ø Trying to determine who to help

Ø Internal Issues Management Strategy for Organization

Ø Being able to say no

Ø Having competitive pay to retain employees

Ø Finding the right people to help growth your business

Ø Keeping everyone focus on the company goals

Ø Reminding yourself that everyone is not trying to help you or your business

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