Becoming an SBA 8a Firm

The road to becoming an 8a from my perspective.

Ø It’s very frustrating…questions and general information

Ø Your package will sit if you do not check on it…….so you have to be aggressive

Ø As soon as you received your package with questions or etc. try to respond immediately within 2 to 3 days

Ø 8 a system lead you to believe one thing when actually it’s another

Ø Not enough staff to meet the needs of the applicants applying for their certification

Ø Staff doesn’t seem to care

Ø Questions on application are not explained very well

Ø Very important to keep accurate records on your taxes, financial statements and general company business

Ø Staying positive through all the negativity

Ø Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from someone in the program or has graduated from the program

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