Recognition Awards

The federal government likes to really recognize small businesses for their performance and they have an array of awards where they formally select the best for a calendar period.  They can range from safety awards to technical awards or related to a special project.  They can be awarded in an informal setting or a formal luncheon.  In most cases they will be featured on their website and placed into their newsletter.  When they are formally awarded in a luncheon local media are often invited.

The value of these awards range from the obvious of it is free marketing about the quality of your company and it is a vote of confidence.  It is also a point for selection and a market discriminator when customers are seeking to evaluate your capabilities and performance.  An award is an independent assessment of your commitment to customer service, safety, quality or whatever the scope involves and it sends a very positive message to other agencies.

Awards are also viewed positively when a major contractor like Boeing is selecting potential subcontractors.  A large company has invested significantly over the years in their brand and they do not want to dilute their image rather enhance it with selecting the right teaming partners and awards are highly valued in their selection process.

Likewise, teaming with other small businesses is often predicated on each member’s reputation to ensure a strong team is formed and it offers an independent element that helps in the formation process.

Some awards require an application especially in the area of safety or for community impact and I recommend you take the time to develop “an awards package.”  It should capture your story that this electronic document will be organic and you can continue to update but allows you to summarize what your company does and it will always be useful for not only awards but for telling your story in proposals that you submit.

Being recognized as an award recipient is also a priceless commentary about your hard work.  Each and every award we have won humbles me and allows me to reflect on our values and feel blessed that we have been recognized and valued for those essential principles that have made us successful.

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