Do You Like People?

If you have not coached, been a supervisor, in the military or have experience as a guardian or parent launching a business that involves employing people may be a challenge.  People present a daily buffet of interesting challenges from their personal “too much information, aka TMI” to performance issues and the motivational challenges to align them with the delivery goals of your respective contract.

As a business owner you no longer think as an employee as they are focused on their job, career and their personal live and you are focused on providing the best value to the government, great opportunities for employment and managing your businesses.  You have to manage your employees including your managers and their staff to subscribe to your commitments to quality, integrity, customer service, effective communications and working as a team.

This may require early morning emails or calls or late in the evening.  It may require you to serve as counselor, coach, guardian, listener, advocate, disciplinarian and cheerleader.  This requires an affinity for people and the related demands to support them and drive them toward goals.

If this is not something you prefer or think you can achieve then you either hire, partner with or rally another resource to perform such management roles.  Otherwise you should consider those services where you can deliver them in a virtual world without having a large workforce or you serve as the coordinator of other vendors.  But even if you are an integrator of other vendors and teaming partners you still have to manage people.

I highly suggest that you seek to take all of the management and supervisory courses including psychology course to appreciate what motivates people, key issues, fears, concerns and what really can make their day.  Very basic efforts such as remembering employees’ names or calling on birthdays or emailing or sending a card and recognizing them in front of the whole team for a great job can be more important than offering monetary rewards.

Learn to understand your employees or find someone who can it will be the key capital to your business success!

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