To Team or Not to Team?

You can take many approaches to pursuing government contracts within your area of expertise.  You can go after opportunities local to your business, pursue regional or go national.  You can also chose to stay narrowly within your core competencies or seek to leverage complementary skill sets of other companies.

If you elect to team with another company or companies makes sure that you cover the following factors:

Corporate Philosophy

You should have compatible philosophies about how you treat customers and employees.  If you feel that customer service is paramount and the only ingredient to achieve that is providing outstanding compensation and training to employees then you need a teaming partner that agrees with that approach.  If you are not on the same page it will be hard to sell a single approach to the government and it will create an area of concern during the evaluation process if there is not unity on this issue.  It needs to reflect itself in words and in your compensation plans.

Pricing Approach

Every company has profit objectives but they should be realistic to the particular customer, competitive nature of the particular service or product line e.g. janitorial services or copiers.  If you are aggressive or conservative you need to be in alignment with your other team members to convey a single message of unity to the government.  If one team member is aggressive and the other is conservative on pricing the evaluation will note a disparity and lack of consistency in approach and raise a red flag of risk to the government.

Strategic Combined Value

The old equation of a relationship is that one plus one should equal more than two other wise what is the point.  Well likewise in business and particularly in government contracting.  Firms A, B and C should all add up to a best value offering to the government with combined strengths in all of the RFP areas and also be in alignment in terms of philosophies and pricing.

Reputation Parity

All parties should have verifiable excellent references.  One of my customers told me when we were a sub on a larger proposal that the quality of the submission was beneath their expectation for us which was a warning to not affiliate your company with anyone with a lower rating of quality.  You have worked hard to earn your reputation for quality and excellence protect it with whom your team with on opportunities.

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