The Benefit of Attending Classes and Seminars

There are numerous classes and seminars held by local and visiting business associations on the topic of government procurement. These classes or seminars are important to you, the business owner wanting to do business with the federal government but need an edge to be competitive. Many of these classes or seminars are the bridge between you the supplier and the government procurement officer, the buyer.  You will learn to have the capability to maximize a reliable service quickly and at a lower cost to the government.

Your local Small Business Administration office will often hold classes that you can attend.  Another way to find classes and seminars in your area is to search the internet for classes and seminars on government procurement. There are literally hundreds of them listed. Take advantage of them when they come to your area. Prices for these classes and seminars vary from free to a few dollars. The money and time you invest is worth the training you will receive and the knowledge you will gain. It is beneficial to you the small business owner in getting started with the process of doing business with the federal government.

The Chamber of Commerce will generally have generic classes, however, if you want to do business with the federal government, and live where there is a military base or in the Washington DC area, the Chamber of Commerce will not be focused on classes or seminars on this subject.

If you are a veteran owned business, many local Veteran Administration offices’ hold classes and seminars for training. You can always request they bring someone in to speak on the topic if they do not have a specialist on staff.

Talk to other business owners that do business with the federal government. They are a fountain of information and will gladly share it with you. Check with your local community college, often they will hold seminars and classes for the small business owner.

One word of caution, as soon as you register in the CCR, you will be bombarded by all types of vendors selling an array of marketing information and training. You will need to be careful…research and do your homework before doing business with any of these companies.

Lastly, ask questions. There are numerous business owners willing to mentor a new business.  For many it is a way of “paying it forward” for their success.

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