NASA is Ready for Small Businesses

NASA has recently released their 2013 budget and in the midst of austerity there are significant opportunities for small businesses at each of their space and research centers that are located from coast to coast. NASA has continuously spent a significant portion of their annual budget via direct prime contracts in the 8a program and various levels of spending through prime contractors as well as other set asides for HubZones, WOSB (one of the first federal agencies to issue procurement under this new category) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses. NASA is hosting several industry days throughout its locations to encourage feedback from small businesses as well as provide information regarding future contracting opportunities.

I strongly encourage business owners to seek to leverage their capabilities and this opportunity, by attending one of these industry day events along with reaching out to some of the firms advertised on this site, including consultants or other networks to pursue an agency that despite the federal budget challenges has renewed their focus for research and exploration and is continuing to lead the way with small business contracting.

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