Why Do You Need A GSA Schedule?

SCHEDULE 70General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, And Services

Why do you need a   GSA Schedule?
GSA SCHEDULE is the   preferred procurement vehicle for the purchase of goods and services   throughout the major federal agencies (USAID, DOD, DOE, DHS, HHS, DOT, DOJ,   OMB, DOS). Each agency expects your firm to market to them aggressively with   the proper vehicles in place. Schedule 70 is one of the most popular   procurement vehicles to have for the following reasons:

  • In 2010, the government bought $16B in services including: Commercial Satellite Communications; Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM); Cloud Solutions; Software Development; Hardware and Network Solutions; Maintenance of Equipment; Office Suites; PDA Software; and Operating Systems; and Computer Security.
  • Your competitors (NORTHROP GRUMMAN, ACCENTURE, BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON, HEWLETT-PACKARD, ORACLE, IBM, DELL) are      on schedule each selling over $200m annually.
  • Contracts are set aside for GSA Schedule holders only.
  • All payments from the government are processed electronically.
  • Agency buyers can award contracts without protest.

How we can help?
We understand that preparing, negotiating, and marketing GSA Schedules can be paperwork intensive and time consuming. Our services are designed to manage this   process while you maintain focus on your business. Feel free to contact us   today with your questions/comments.

How to get started?
Our service will eliminate costs associated with overpriced seminars and software tools. We provide one-on-one support until your request is approved by GSA. Get started today by selecting one of the services below:

1.We need our GSA Schedule paperwork  prepared and negotiated.
2.We need proposal writing support for RFP, RFQ, Bids, and Task Orders.
3.We need to add a new SIN to our current schedule.
4.We need to add new products/services to our current schedule.
5.We need to renew our current schedule for another 5 years.
6.We need help identifying contract opportunities.

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