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The Importance of a Compliant Accounting Structure

SCSTips from SCS

When I started my first job in accounting with a government contractor, I was fresh out of college with a Master of Accountancy degree.  Like many, I thought I knew much more than I really did.  But it didn’t take long to realize that I had a lot to learn about accounting, and even more to learn … Read More

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Five Costly Mistakes That Cause Smaller Enterprises to Fail

Written by Tonia Warfield and Hubert Glover

Published in Wiley Periodicals online in Wiley Online Library (www.wileyonlinelibrary.com)

John Wiley Publisher


Small and medium-sized enterprises account for a significant part of the gross domestic product, the total workforce, and expected growth in the next decade. Specifically, according to the Small Business Administration, … Read More

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Good News from the SBA for Businesses

Good News from the SBA for businesses that do business with the federal government.

SBA Administrator Mills statement on the President’s “QuickPay” announcement today to cut in half – from 30 days to 15 days – the amount of time it takes federal agencies to pay small businesses for the products and services they deliver to the federal government:

“The … Read More
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